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This page summarises the key requirements to be eligible to apply for a LEADER grant. Please click on the links for more detailed information about each requirement.

  • Location – projects must fall into one of the defined rural LEADER areas. Check if you fall into the Oxfordshire LEADER area on our mapHelp sheet
  • Rural economic benefits –  projects must demonstrate how they will benefit the economy through measurable outputs (for example create a job).
  • Legal entity – all applicants must be a ‘legal entity’ and be able to sign a legally binding contract.
  • Start date – no retrospective funding can be given so the project cannot have started and will not be able to until a grant offer is in place.
  • Grant size – between £5,000 – £100,000 although a higher amount could be requested for exceptional projects. You also need to take into consideration the maximum intervention rate which is normally 40% of the total project cost. Help sheet
  • Costs – grants are mainly for capital costs (building and equipment) although there are some exceptions where revenue costs will be considered.
  • Match funding – applicants will need to show they have funds to cover the rest of the project costs. There may be some restrictions on what that match funding can be, especially if it is other public funds. Help sheet
  • Planning permission if a project needs planning permission you will need this to be approved before a funding decision is made. Help sheet
  • Claim payments – are paid in arrears so applicants will need to be able to cover costs initially until they can claim.

Please see our ‘Other funding & support’ page for other grants.