This focuses on the promotion, enhancement and maintenance of cultural heritage assets and events where this promotes growth in the tourism economy and

  • Creates a sense of local identity through raised awareness of their importance
  • Helps protect cultural heritage features against damage and degradation

Who: start-up and existing micro and small businesses / community organisations / charities / landowners / local authorities (in exceptional circumstances where it is in addition to statutory requirements)

Grant limits: £5,000 – £100,000 although a higher grant may be awarded for projects that show exceptional value for money.  An exceptional project must show high direct economic outputs or have a strong fit with Oxfordshire LEADER local priorities. The grant rate can be up to 100%. All investments must be able to demonstrate a benefit to the wider local economy.

Oxfordshire Local Action Group will be particularly interested in projects that:

  • encourage activity that creates or enhances a visitor destination

Some of the projects we funded last time:

52 Things to doA book was produced drawing on community knowledge of local businesses, little-known hideaways and rural retreats. This has helped to increase visitor numbers in the area and the turnover of specific businesses.
A grant was given towards the refurbishment of Faringdon Folly Tower in order to conserve this much loved heritage attraction and to keep it functioning as a tourist destination.
A grant was given for new digital film projection equipment for cinema and theatre use. It was key to ensure this community run cinema and theatre could continue to run.

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