Increasing the levels of sustainable management of Oxfordshire’s many privately owned woodlands can create new economic, social and environmental benefits. We want to encourage private woodland owners to work with forestry businesses as well as end users to stimulate demand for local wood products.

We are interested in:

  • Forestry businesses looking to increase productivity or add value by investing in kit such as forwarding trailers, firewood processors or mobile sawmills
  • Wood using businesses looking to increase productivity or develop into new markets, such as woodfuel, fencing, furniture making and other craft businesses

Some of the projects we funded last time:

Farmer Gow’s Ltd firewood processor Purchase of a firewood processor to reduce processing time and meet demand. This meant that the applicant was able to free up time for forestry works and marketing, thereby reducing the cost of sales. In addition, the new processor brought significant improvement to the health and safety of those operating it.

Face North ForestrySmall-scale forestry contracting, woodland management and surveying, firewood and timber sales. Services to include management advice, surveying and mapping, marketing and sale of standing and felled timber, on-site conversion of timber, planting, tending, scrub and coarse vegetation control, fencing, infrastructure improvements, timber buying and tree safety assessments, processing and sales of firewood.

David Layton has been in the timber and wood business for over two decades, but a couple of years ago faced the issue of not being able to keep up with growing demand.

David says: “Before Leader we had an old tractor-driven log-splitter and it took a day and a half to fill a container. This new cutter, splitter and loader does the same job in half an hour – with a lot less back ache!”

After 20 years of building up his business, forester and firewood supplier Rod Wilson needed to invest to keep up with soaring demand. LEADER helped to pay for state-of-the-art processing machinery, which produces 200 extra tonnes of firewood per year.

The new equipment also means that local woodlands have been brought back into productive management – protecting wildlife, providing fuel and improving public access.

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